I still watch wrestling...

Friday, June 26, 2009 1:06 AM By Ed Man Chew , In , , , ,

I am 28 going on 29 and as long as I have known, I have watched "Professional Wrestling."

It's my dirty little secret, well I guess it's not really a secret since everybody who knows me knows. I guess it's more of my guilty pleasure. I don't know why more people I know don't still follow wrestling. There was a brief period in time during high school (mid through late 90's) that everyone I knew watched wrestling. Yes, I know that during this time period, wrestling had hit a masterful era. The Monday Night wars, nWo, Degeneration X, The Rock, Austin 3:16, The Wolfpack. I remember watching Superbrawl as it rolled into town in the Oakland Coliseum. We saw it live and we were so far up in the nosebleeds that we couldn't see anything. Hellova night though. That was the night that Rey Mysterio and Conan were de-masked!!! Yet the refuse to mention that in any WWE storylines today.

Well I still love wrestling. Yes, it has changed a lot since the 80's til now but it's still some good entertainment. It's more of America's past time then baseball. Arenas are still sold out nightly when WWE comes to town. That more than I can say for any recent A's games.

If you are ever bored on a Monday or Friday night, I urge you to turn on Monday Night Raw on USA or Friday Night Smackdown on MYTV and you might be surprised on how nostalgic you feel and how easy it might be to get back into.



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